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Super Stylish Helmets for City Cyclists

December 11, 2016  |  By Blair Smith

You might prefer the words chic, cool, fashionable or downright sexy. Yes, you read it right. Sexy. These are 8 well designed bike helmets that you’ll want to wear to up your bikestyle game.

Many bicycle helmets simply don’t look good for everyday riding in the city. As city cyclists with style, we don’t want our helmet to say “I’m ready to crush a century in the saddle” while the rest of our outfit says “I’m ready to sip a flat white with some friends”. Right? We also know that for many cyclists, choosing not to wear a helmet is very much an aesthetic decision. Fear not, friends. Here’s our roundup of super stylish bike helmets for city cyclists from both startup and established cycling brands.

Thousand Helmets

Male cyclist wearing Thousand bike helmet“Vintage moto meets modern minimal”, Thousand’s bicycle helmet is for your morning commute, casual rides and all your urban cycling adventures in-between. It’s a more unisex design. (This is also the everyday bike helmet worn by our co-founder, Blair Smith.) Explore the collection at Thousand Helmets.

Sawako Furuno

Pippa Middleton wearing Sawako Furuno bike helmetThe self-proclaimed “stylish bicycle helmet”, Sawako Furuno designs helmets for chic female city cyclists. Or if you subscribe to the if it’s good enough for fringe royalty, then it’s good enough for me school of thought, you’ll appreciate that Pippa Middleton’s city cycling helmet of choice is a Sawako Furuno. The collection features a handful of different styles; many of which have very fashion-forward designs. These bike helmets also definitely fit the bill as a serious fashion accessory. Explore the collection at Sawako Furuno.

Yakkay Bike Helmet

People wearing Yakkay bike helmetYou get to customize your own Yakkay by selecting from a smart looking base bike helmet and adding a cover that’s styled like a classic hat. It’s easy enough to switch covers for different seasons, if you really want to stay current. There are options for both men and women. Make your own at Yakkay.

Brooks England X Carrera J.B. Classic

Brooks England Carrera folding bike helmetInspired by the former leather “hairnet” helmets of old, the J.B. Classic foldable bike helmet combines modern technology with traditional elegance through the application of leather. This is a collaboration leveraging the classic cycling style of Brooks England with the folding helmet designed by Carrera. Check it out at Brooks England.

Carrera Foldable Reflective

Carrera Foldable Reflective bike helmetThis is a slightly more modern option of Carrera’s foldable bicycle helmet. The leather from the Brooks England collaboration version is replaced with subtle reflective details. Pair this with some of Carrera’s seriously awesome sunglasses to complete the look. The Carrera Foldable Reflective helmet comes in a couple of different options and styles. Explore their full urban cycling helmet collection at Carreraworld.


EcoHelmet worn by Isis Shiffer

Winner of the 2016 James Dyson Foundation design award, the EcoHelmet is a folding bike helmet with a twist. It’s meant for “the spontaneous cyclist” who wants to keep their head protected when they hop on a bike share. EcoHelmet is made of waterproofed recycled paper, making it cost effective and recyclable. Check it out at EcoHelmet.  

Bern Helmets

City cyclists wearing Bern bike helmetsWith a signature shape, fit and style, Bern’s bicycle helmets are designed for city cycling in all seasons. Most feature removable visor and ear protection. Chances are you’ve seen people wearing one as this is one of the bigger bike helmet brands out there. They offer a range of options for men, women and juniors. Explore the collection at Bern.

Giro Urban Helmets

Giro urban cycling helmetBuilding on a rich history of helmets for cycling and snowsports, Giro’s line of urban cycling helmets feature subtle design features that are “street level savvy”–such as an integrated light clip and Lock Port to conveniently lock the bike helmet to the bicycle. They offer a range of options for men, women and juniors. Explore the collection at Giro.

Are there any other really, really, really good looking bike helmets out there that have caught your eye? What do you think about these ones we’ve curated for you–likes, dislikes? Please share your comments with us and your fellow model cyclists.

(Feature image courtesy of Yakkay. All other images courtesy of the respective brands.)

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