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5 Stylish Men’s Jackets for Shoulder Season Cycling

November 10, 2016  |  By Blair Smith

For you guys out there who give a damn about design and style, these men’s cycling jackets provide extra warmth and some water resistance for your city cycling adventures in the unpredictable autumn and early spring seasons. Taking cues from classic menswear design, these five men’s jackets are also good looking enough to wear around town when you’re not on your bicycle.

Fox Wilson: Serpentine Jacket

Fox Wilson Serpentine Men's Cycling Jacket

Drawing cues from the M-65 military field coat and a classic trench coat, the Serpentine Jacket is updated for city cyclists as a high performance cycling jacket that’s using Schoeller’s highly technical C-Change shell fabric that will perform in any situation. It’s got some waterproof pockets and subtle venting and reflective details. Fox Wilson’s Serpentine Jacket is handmade in England and comes in one colour–Black.

Mission Workshop: The Remi Blazer

Mission Workshop Remi Cycling Blazer Jacket

Inspired by a finely tailored mens blazer, the Remi Blazer mixes materials and adds a hood to create a versatile all seasons jacket. There’s wool-facing on the exterior to create a more tailored appearance while the waterproof-breathable Schoeller C-Change fabric membrane provides protection from rain, wind and snow. Mission Workshop’s Remi Blazer is made in Canada and comes in one colour–Charcoal.

Vulpine: British Harrington Jacket

Vulpine British Harrington Cycling Jacket

The subtle design and details of the British Harrington Jacket make it a perfect complement for your more casual looks. It’s made from lightweight, windproof British Millerain fabric, for dry days any time of year. The fit is for city cycling and “pub ergonomics”. Vulpine’s British Harrington Jacket is made in Britain and comes in three colours–Khaki Green, Black and Stone.

Nau: Utility Down Shirt Jacket

Nau Utility Down Shirt Jacket

This heritage-inspired hybrid gives the Utility Down Jacket the feel of a good work shirt with the warmth of a winter jacket. It has a wind and water-resistant poplin face, and is filled with 650-fill recycled down to battle the cold. The collar can be flipped up to cover the face a bit more and the back drops down for additional bum protection. Nau’s Utility Down Jacket comes in three colours–Scotch (a rusty orange), Frond (an olive green), Caviar (a black).

HJUL Outerwear: HJ002 Quilted Jacket

HJUL Quilted Cycling Jacket

Another quilted jacket with a different stitch pattern, the HJ002 Quilted Jacket has a bit more of a work-ready feel to it. It’s made with 100% nylon material and features a corduroy collar and matching hems. There a light quilted inner lining. An interesting city cycling-friendly feature is a box pleat on the back that splits open to reveal a reflective material insert when you’re hunched over holding your handlebars. HJUL’s HJ002 Quilted Jacket comes in three colours–Blue, Light Gray and Green.

Are there any other stylish men’s jackets for shoulder season city cycling and commuting out there that have caught your eye? What do you think about these ones we’ve curated–likes, dislikes? Please share your comments with us and your fellow model cyclists.

(Images courtesy of Fox Wilson, Mission Workshop, Vulpine, NAU and HJUL.)

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