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Model Cyclist is a digital magazine reporting on the vanguard of the global city cycling scene.

To make our vision a reality, we need contributors who've got mad skills and who are into city cycling. Model Cyclist is based in Toronto, Canada but we're not fussed about where you are.

We're looking for three additional contributors right now: Lifestyle Content Editor, Community Growth Specialist and Product Curator. Check out the details by clicking About Us > Get Involved.

Ride on!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Model Cyclist Background
What is a Model Cyclist?

Anybody who finds more reasons to bike around the city–commuting, errands, exercise, exploring. To make it part of their everyday. And having an eye to smart design, innovation and style.

What happened to Model Cyclist 002?

002 is our good friend, Lee Bremer. He was critical in shaping the idea for Model Cyclist in its early days. He also found Neelan, our creative director. So, Lee's been a pretty important link in the chain. He had to follow an exciting business opportunity to Dubai and is focusing his effort on that right now.

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