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This Folding Bicycle Helmet Won the James Dyson Award

November 24, 2016  |  By Blair Smith

It’s foldable, recyclable (waterpoof paper!) and easily vendible for bike share programs. Is the EcoHelmet the perfect city cycling helmet? Start by watching the design concept video and judge for yourself.

EcoHelmet from Isis Shiffer on Vimeo.

Paper, yes paper. You read it correctly. The unique radial honeycomb pattern design of this foldable bicycle helmet is made of waterproofed paper. It’s such a smart design, that the EcoHelmet concept won the James Dyson Award from the eponymous foundation. You know, that James Dyson who designed vacuum cleaners that suck hard and look good doing it. The vacuum cleaners that people aspire to buy that never go on sale. The “Apple of vacuum cleaners”. You get the picture. The EcoHelmet is that impressive an innovation.

EcoHelmet folding bicycle helmet

“For the spontaneous cyclist”

One of the reasons the EcoHelmet won is that it solved a very real problem in a simple and elegant way. According to Isis Shiffer, industrial designer and EcoHelmet founder, her inspiration was based on the bike share programs sprouting up around the world, which give commuters and tourists a convenient, more sustainable and inexpensive way to move from point A to point B. However, bike share users very rarely wear helmets–no one wants to carry a helmet around all day, and rental helmets can be unsanitary or ill-fitting.

I love design that elegantly solves real problems. I try to stay closely engaged with the world, around me, and approach every design problem with a practical grounding and sense of delight. – Isis Shiffer

EcoHelmet worn by Isis Shiffer

Ultimately, the EcoHelmet empowers cyclists to ride more confidently, more safely and more often in the city. We hope this is a product that will spread fast and be seen on city cyclists around the world very soon.

(Inspiration and images via James Dyson Award and EcoHelmet.)

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