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Cyclists are Main Tenants in This Oslo Office Tower

June 1, 2016  |  By Blair Smith

Imagine pedalling into the parking lot of a high rise office tower and seeing row after row of bicycles, with no cars in sight. Ok, maybe a few cars, but they’ll be electric cars at their charging stations. The bicycle-first parking lot is central to the design of the new Oslo Solar building, a high rise being built in Oslo, Norway that’s focused on being highly appealing to commuter cyclists.

Oslo Solar Sustainable Office Tower

Bicycles are one of the central sustainable design features of Oslo Solar. Its parking lot has 500 bike parking spots, bike repair stations, a place to wash bicycles and ample change rooms and showers for cyclists. The parked bicycles will be prominently featured in the lobby when visitors look up and see levels of bikes lined up in the parking lot that’s visible behind large plate glass windows.

Oslo Solar is an example of the bold, visionary political leadership needed to develop more sustainable cities. The high rise building is one of 50 pilot projects as part of Oslo’s FutureBuilt program that has a vision of “developing carbon neutral urban areas and high-quality architecture”. The goal is to contribute to a broad view of city health that includes urban ecology, citizen health and the general impression of Oslo.

Political leadership in Oslo is crystal clear on its large ambitions for increased use of bicycles.” Says Anders Solaas, executive vice president for letting and development at Entra, the building’s developer. “Employees are making commuting their daily workout through cycling.

It sounds like a case of if you build it in Oslo, they will come to work happily riding their bicycles.

Oslo Solar is designed by Code Architecture and developed by Entra.

(Inspiration and images via Fast Company Co.Exist.)

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