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Model Cyclist Needs You!

Model Cyclist is a digital magazine reporting on the vanguard of the global city cycling scene.

To make our vision a reality, we need contributors who've got mad skills and who are into city cycling. Model Cyclist is based in Toronto, Canada but we're not fussed about where you are.

We're looking for three additional contributors right now: Lifestyle Content Editor, Community Growth Specialist and Product Curator. Check out the details by clicking About Us > Get Involved.

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Are you a city cycling brand, organization, or into a contemporary urban cycling lifestyle? We want to hear from you. Model Cyclist is just getting started and we need your contribution in words, pictures or videos.

We’re looking for stylish bike clothing, bike accessories and other city cycling lifestyle products and experiences to review. We also want to hear about your editorial pitch, product launch, crowdfunding campaign, news or event that you think we should be interested in.

If you have another idea that could be interesting for us to collaborate on, we’re all ears. Please say “Hello” anytime.



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