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ARTCRANK’s Bicycle Poster History in 60 Seconds

April 4, 2016  |  By Blair Smith

200 bicycle posters in 60 seconds. This answers the age-old question of how many posters could the folks at ARTCRANK get into a one-minute video. Impressive? Definitely. But this barely scratches the surface of their collection of over 1,500 posters that bring together art and bicycle culture, with stunning results. The Poster Party For Bike People was first held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2007 based on the idea that art should be as accessible as bicycles are. It worked; since then ARTCRANK has held over 50 pop-up bike art shows featuring handmade posters by local artists from the U.S. and around the world.

If you’re an urban cyclist who’s into art and design, then you definitely need to keep an eye on ARTCRANK. Maybe their next challenge should be to see how many posters they can fit in a Vine video. We’re just sayin’.

Watch the Bike Poster History Minute video below and keep an eye on where ARTCRANK will pop up next.

Art should be as accessible as bicycles are – ARTCRANK

(Video courtesy of: ARTCRANK)

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