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Model Cyclist is a digital magazine reporting on the vanguard of the global city cycling scene.

To make our vision a reality, we need contributors who've got mad skills and who are into city cycling. Model Cyclist is based in Toronto, Canada but we're not fussed about where you are.

We're looking for three additional contributors right now: Lifestyle Content Editor, Community Growth Specialist and Product Curator. Check out the details by clicking About Us > Get Involved.

Ride on!


Blair Smith

Model Cyclist 001

For Blair, it’s really always been about the bicycle. It started delivering newspapers by bike in grade 5. Since then he has done 24-hour mountain bike races, worked in bike shops, designed a mountain bike program for a summer camp, and explored cities in Canada, Europe, Australia and Cuba on a bicycle. Blair brings a keen sense of style and design thinking into his daily blend as a digital marketing planner and content designer. He wants to work with people committed to building stylish city cycling brands.

Neelan Rach

Model Cyclist 003

At a young age, after a bicycle tour of northern Belgium and an extended visit to Amsterdam and other European cities, Neelan rejected a North American car-centric lifestyle. He fell in love with the immediacy and sensory exhilaration of life on two wheels while living for many years in bike-friendly Montreal, and he’s never looked back. As a user experience and brand designer, Neelan is passionate about the products and people that solve everyday cycling problems that change the way people think about city cycling style.

Jimmy Rose

Model Cyclist 004

Jimmy’s cycling journey started as an aspiring freestyle BMXer acquiring an extensive collection of cuts and bruises attempting endos and cherry-pickers in the school parking lot. A more refined cycling sensibility came after flirting with 2-wheeled transportation in the cycling paradise of Copenhagen which eventually lead to a Toronto Craigslist purchase of a vintage Italian road bike. In his day-to-day work, Jimmy brings a user-centered approach to digital design and development which meshes perfectly with the forms and functions of the best cycling products.

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